Nassos is a singer/songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from Athens. Nassos released his single Under the Endless Sky in January of 2017 and two months later he released his debut album Love in Crisis.

All the songs of this album are written - both music & lyrics - arranged and produced by Nassos Conqueso. The album features some collaborations, as the singer/songwriter Lia Hide is singing two of his songs and the singer/songwriter Kleanthis Konstantinidis is singing five songs of this album. Nassos is singing the remaining songs and is also playing the piano, ukulele, harmonica, baglamas, stylophone, tzouras and guitar.

The main influences should be the 3 Davids (Byrne, Bowie, Gilmour) and John Mayer, and the album features characteristics of different genres of music, like rock, funk, blues, pop & a drop of rebetiko.

The album is available in all popular platforms, like iTunes, bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play for digital download and online streaming. You can also purchase a physical Compact Disc from bandcamp, here!

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George Mitsotakis

George has been touring as a sessions musician all over the world: Europe, America, Australia. Besides his exceptional drumming skills, he's also a great player of several traditional stringed instruments.

Chris Zantioti

Chris Zantioti is a young professional musician playing electric and acoustic guitar and sometimes bass guitar too. He is also an audio engineer both for studio and live, who has worked with a major variety of well-known artists and bands.

Katerina Koti

Katerina is one of the founding members of Groove Therapist band. She has studied classical guitar, theory and composition, but her interest on bass guitar started raising more than a decade ago.

George Katsanos

George is an exceptional pianist, composer and arranger. What makes he so special is the fact that he's an actual "human orchestra", having a collection of more than 40 instruments and the ability to play them all!

Lia Hide

Lia Hide was born, lives and works in Athens. She is a singer/songwriter, and plays the piano. Her debut album Home was released in 2013 and in 2017 she is releasing her second personal album.

Kleanthis Konstantinidis

Kleanthis is a singer/songwriter, keyboardist and sound engineer. He is a member of Groove Therapist with Katerina Koti, as well a member of NEWMARK and of City Fog.

Dikaia Margiolaki


She is a singer/vocal instructor and she plays the piano and the accordion. She has studied classical harmony, musical theatre and popular music vocals.

Dimitris Dimitriades

Dimitris is a music producer and sound engineer who has worked with several major artists. He's one of the founders of EOS music group and he's mainly recording and mixing at his own Zero Gravity Studios.


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